ENGLISH PLACEMENT Level A1 (Elementary)

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Level A1 (Elementary)

1 Water at a temperature of 100º Celsius.
2 Where John and Mary from?
3 We have three children. daughter’s name is Jane.
4 a lot in tropical countries.
5 There isn’t grass in my garden.
6 I usually have my gym class at 6:00 Saturdays.
7 Paul’s in his office. Can you give this document, please?
8 My car is a BMW. What make is ?
9 What time do you breakfast?
10 six people in the conference room.
11 How people are there in your class?
12 Manhattan is Washington D.C.
13 I would like you some questions.
14 It next Saturday.
15 “Whose car is that?” “It’s .”
16 I these letters. They’re too small!
17 July is time of the year in Argentina.
18 Argentina the World Cup in 1986.
19 People that all politicians are corrupt.
20 I anything about our problem yet.