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Level A2 (Pre Intermediate)

1 when he was on holiday?
2 Who “White Flag”?
3 “Where is Mary?” “She over there.”
4 They usually at home but today they lunch in a restaurant.
5 That’s the woman son always gets the best marks at school.
6 We lunch when the phone .
7 she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
8 It’s the best film . You should go and see it.
9 “Do you like ?” “Yes, I do.”
10 Switzerland is Britain.
11 London?
12 I can’t stand in hot weather.
13 If you don’t want to burn yourself, you lie in the sun all day.
14 If I have enough money next year, I to the USA.
15 What you do if you more free time?
16 Will there be from the office at the conference tomorrow? I don’t want to go there alone.
17 They were angry to talk to me after the meeting.
18 Peter’s never been to Europe and Mary.
19 The patient to the operating theatre for the surgery.
20 A friend of phoned this morning but she didn’t leave a message.