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1 A: When did you last go to New York?
B: I a few weeks ago.
2 A: He looks very lonely. we invite him for a drink?
B: Yes, that’s a good idea.
3 A: How did you like the concert?
B: It was great! Alan played really well, ?
4 A: What does she look like?
5 We the car to Denver next month because the trip takes too long.
6 We go out to a restaurant during the week because when we get home from work we’re too tired.
7 We spend the summer on the coast when I was a child.
8 They’ve lived in that house they were children.
9 I haven’t heard from Jane for ages. I wonder .
10 A lot to the house before we can move in.
11 She’s just bought a brand new car so she be able to drive.
12 Visitors must dress and behave respectfully inside the mosque. You wear shorts and sandals.
13 Mary her homework when we arrived, so we all went out for the evening.
14 When he arrived, a crowd for several hours to greet him.
15 Today, a lot of electronic goods in Southeast Asia.