ENGLISH PLACEMENT TEST Level B2 (Upper Intermediate)

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1 A: Do you know ?
B: No, I’ve never seen him before.
2 A: Who’s the man by the window?
B: That’s Chris Evans. He’s the new manager.
3 A: Did you get home in time for the football game last night?
B: No, I didn’t. The bus got stuck in traffic and I missed the early train home.
A: What a shame! You the car. You would have gotten home in time.
4 We’re not paying a builder to fix the fireplace. We’ve decided to do it .
5 It’s ! You really ought to go and see it.
6 You show your passport at the border if you want to get across.
7 she was an hour late, she didn’t apologize.
8 They don’t like him at all. He treats them they were children.
9 The police there was a dangerous criminal in the area.
10 I love listening to classical music. I wish an instrument.
11 I remember me bedtime stories when I was very small.
12 We went there every winter for over ten years, but we never the freezing weather.
13 When I was on my grandparents´ farm, I like the cows.
14 I’m really looking forward when you come to Britain next month.
15 Is there anything I need to know in order any major social gaffes?