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PART 5.1

Read the following article carefully and select the best phrase or word.


No one likes delays. They can be just as frustrating for the crew for the passengers. everything is done to ensure that most flights take off and land on time, inevitably there are times when an aircraft . Some people mistakenly assume that if they are delayed for a long time, { something serious wrong. But it is more often air traffic controllers who the decision to delay an aircraft from taking off, and the safety of passengers is always the most important reason behind their taking such action.

Pilots have to file a flight plan before their aircraft can take off. This plan is distributed to every controller along the flight route everyone is aware of the time of arrival. If there is a shortage of landing space at the end destination or the air space above a certain country is very crowded, { air traffic control an aircraft to start its engines.

if ($an aircraft from a particularly busy airport, pilots will be given a specific time to start their engines. If, for whatever reason, pilots to make their time slot, { it can result in quite considerable delays. Pilots { have ask for a new time slot which could mean “going to the back of the line.”

PART 5.2

Fill in the blanks using words and expressions from below. You don’t have to use all the words.

Bad weather plays an important part in deciding to delay a flight. If the crew predicts possible strong turbulence {, there is no danger in flying in conditions, they will choose to delay take-off the weather calms down, purely for the sake of the passengers’ comfort. airborne, an aircraft can lose time it has to fly against a strong head wind. Heavy fog at a destination can also be a main delaying factor, can freezing rain, snow is not normally too of a problem.

PART 5.3

Choose the best word or phrase to fill in the blanks.

1 She my brother-in-law’s family they first came to this country.
2 After she to the members of staff, she a report to the manager.
3 to contradict him, I smiled and said nothing.
4 Not until later he was my new next-door-neighbour.
5 When he an airline pilot, he a lot of money.
6 in politics, you must be thick-skinned and prepared to take risks.
7 Visitors are expected between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. daily.
8 During the election campaign, the government said it taxes, but it still has not done anything.
9 You can use it shut.
10 I can’t give you the report on Friday because I it by {.