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1 Water at a temperature of 100º Celsius.
2 Where John and Mary from?
3 We have three children. daughter’s name is Jane.
4 a lot in tropical countries.
5 There isn’t grass in my garden.
6 I usually have my gym class at 6:00 Saturdays.
7 Paul’s in his office. Can you give this document, please?
8 My car is a BMW. What make is ?
9 What time do you breakfast?
10 six people in the conference room.
11 How people are there in your class?
12 Manhattan is Washington D.C.
13 I would like you some questions.
14 It next Saturday.
15 “Whose car is that?” “It’s .”
16 I these letters. They’re too small!
17 July is time of the year in Argentina.
18 Argentina the World Cup in 1986.
19 People that all politicians are corrupt.
20 I anything about our problem yet.


1 when he was on holiday?
2 Who “White Flag”?
3 “Where is Mary?” “She over there.”
4 They usually at home but today they lunch in a restaurant.
5 That’s the woman son always gets the best marks at school.
6 We lunch when the phone .
7 she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
8 It’s the best film . You should go and see it.
9 “Do you like ?” “Yes, I do.”
10 Switzerland is Britain.
11 London?
12 I can’t stand in hot weather.
13 If you don’t want to burn yourself, you lie in the sun all day.
14 If I have enough money next year, I to the USA.
15 What you do if you more free time?
16 Will there be from the office at the conference tomorrow? I don’t want to go there alone.
17 They were angry to talk to me after the meeting.
18 Peter’s never been to Europe and Mary.
19 The patient to the operating theatre for the surgery.
20 A friend of phoned this morning but she didn’t leave a message.


1 A: When did you last go to New York?
B: I a few weeks ago.
2 A: He looks very lonely. we invite him for a drink?
B: Yes, that’s a good idea.
3 A: How did you like the concert?
B: It was great! Alan played really well, ?
4 A: What does she look like?
5 We the car to Denver next month because the trip takes too long.
6 We go out to a restaurant during the week because when we get home from work we’re too tired.
7 We spend the summer on the coast when I was a child.
8 They’ve lived in that house they were children.
9 I haven’t heard from Jane for ages. I wonder .
10 A lot to the house before we can move in.
11 She’s just bought a brand new car so she be able to drive.
12 Visitors must dress and behave respectfully inside the mosque. You wear shorts and sandals.
13 Mary her homework when we arrived, so we all went out for the evening.
14 When he arrived, a crowd for several hours to greet him.
15 Today, a lot of electronic goods in Southeast Asia.


1 A: Do you know ?
B: No, I’ve never seen him before.
2 A: Who’s the man by the window?
B: That’s Chris Evans. He’s the new manager.
3 A: Did you get home in time for the football game last night?
B: No, I didn’t. The bus got stuck in traffic and I missed the early train home.
A: What a shame! You the car. You would have gotten home in time.
4 We’re not paying a builder to fix the fireplace. We’ve decided to do it .
5 It’s ! You really ought to go and see it.
6 You show your passport at the border if you want to get across.
7 she was an hour late, she didn’t apologize.
8 They don’t like him at all. He treats them they were children.
9 The police there was a dangerous criminal in the area.
10 I love listening to classical music. I wish an instrument.
11 I remember me bedtime stories when I was very small.
12 We went there every winter for over ten years, but we never the freezing weather.
13 When I was on my grandparents´ farm, I like the cows.
14 I’m really looking forward when you come to Britain next month.
15 Is there anything I need to know in order any major social gaffes?

PART 5.1

Read the following article carefully and select the best phrase or word.


No one likes delays. They can be just as frustrating for the crew for the passengers. everything is done to ensure that most flights take off and land on time, inevitably there are times when an aircraft . Some people mistakenly assume that if they are delayed for a long time, then something serious wrong. But it is more often air traffic controllers who the decision to delay an aircraft from taking off, and the safety of passengers is always the most important reason behind their taking such action.

Pilots have to file a flight plan before their aircraft can take off. This plan is distributed to every controller along the flight route everyone is aware of the time of arrival. If there is a shortage of landing space at the end destination or the air space above a certain country is very crowded, then air traffic control an aircraft to start its engines.

If an aircraft from a particularly busy airport, pilots will be given a specific time to start their engines. If, for whatever reason, pilots to make their time slot, then it can result in quite considerable delays. Pilots then have ask for a new time slot which could mean “going to the back of the line.”

PART 5.2

Fill in the blanks using words and expressions from below. You don’t have to use all the words.

Bad weather plays an important part in deciding to delay a flight. If the crew predicts possible strong turbulence then, there is no danger in flying in conditions, they will choose to delay take-off the weather calms down, purely for the sake of the passengers’ comfort. airborne, an aircraft can lose time it has to fly against a strong head wind. Heavy fog at a destination can also be a main delaying factor, can freezing rain, snow is not normally too of a problem.

PART 5.3

Choose the best word or phrase to fill in the blanks.

1 She my brother-in-law’s family they first came to this country.
2 After she to the members of staff, she a report to the manager.
3 to contradict him, I smiled and said nothing.
4 Not until later he was my new next-door-neighbour.
5 When he an airline pilot, he a lot of money.
6 in politics, you must be thick-skinned and prepared to take risks.
7 Visitors are expected between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. daily.
8 During the election campaign, the government said it taxes, but it still has not done anything.
9 You can use it shut.
10 I can’t give you the report on Friday because I it by then.