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Study Spanish in Buenos Aires Argenina - Spanish school  - Courses of Spanish - Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires Argentina.  Our school is located in downtown of Buenos Aires Argentina.  Students from all over the world visit our Spanish school in Buenos Aires Argentina
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Spanish Courses Methodology

Our Spanish courses have eight levels so the student can make faster progress at precisely the right level.

Our teaching methods are focused on communication. This interactive and personalised approach ensures that our students will understand and speak from the very first day.

Our method places special emphasis on the development of language skills and all our Spanish courses are conducted entirely in Spanish language.

In the Spanish classes we work with a coursebook, concentrating on the four main skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.  

The Spanish course books (IBL´s Spanish books from level 1 to level 8)  are general Spanish textbooks which are designed for group classes and can be effectively adapted for one-to-one lessons.  Grammar and vocabulary are presented into a practical context which gives the student the opportunity to practice.

As well as the Spanish coursebook, we use  a great number of supplementary materials such as storybooks, songs, games, flashcards, visual aids, wallcharts, etc. We choose among the wide range of today’s possible support as a way of promoting diversity and variety in the classroom.

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The Spanish courses are organized into several levels, from 1 to 8: beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced.

Each level, covers specific grammar topics to fulfill the main objective of the course: which is to improve the students ability to communicate and maintain a conversation and naturally use the Spanish language structures.

In group lessons or private lessons, oral, written and listening comprehension activities, always focus on the use of the language in different contexts.

Along the Spanish courses, students put in practice the different main skills to learn the Spanish language: they work with listening exercises and songs, they practice oral production by means of conversations, role plays and they are exposed to different topics according to their level. they learn the grammar structures and develop the written production through different tasks

In the advanced levels, students work with videos that enable a different approach to the language.

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